Ransomware attack has a service failure.

Ransomware attack has a service failure.

As reported on Saturday, June 10, SBS 8 City News, the IDC organization that manages more than 10,000 websites in Korea has suffered a Ransomware attack.


I do not know when the recovery will be done, so I transferred it back to another server company with the existing backup.


There may be broken pages. If you find this question, please let me know and I'll fix it right away.


Thank you.


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Company Notification:http://www.nayana.com/bbs/set_view.php?b_name=notice&w_no=957



When I received the response from Internet Nayana Co., Ltd., it seemed impossible to recover because of the damage of Ransomware to the backup server.

I have hope for the company's backup processor "Local (once a day), CDP Backup (twice a day, 7 days archiving) Network" (deleted after expiration backup).

Only the main page of this is managed by the vendor, and services operated by other sub-domains are managed by other vendors.

Membership information from March and posts made in WordPress have been deleted and it seems that it is not possible to recover from the current situation.

(* This article has no damage.)

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