Incognito DNS updates

We updated the secret DNS. DNS information is available to Google, Cloudflare. Has been added to the whitelist entry form. Minimize disorder where access occurs via a white list DB. Protect encrypts DNS .DNS over HTTPS to a tray icon it has been added. the SNI only string fragmentation (fragmentation). after confirming tells updated links to a browser if necessary. Check whether the operation in real time. you can disable the tray icon to run checks in the preferences. Shortcuts Go to Secret DNS

KCleaner 3.0 Update

After distributing the 3.0 beta version for two weeks, it is confirmed to work reliably, releasing the full version.   It has significantly improved speed over previous versions. Launchers, and browser plug-ins. Startup program management is compatible with MSConfig, and recovery is perfect. The report screen is displayed in the user's default browser. You can use the services that you have to install ...

BankCleaner Update

The update was too late since I included this feature in KCleaner. We have added the ability to retrieve data from the server so we do not update the program to update the deletion list. If you only delete bank plugins, your computer will be faster! If you do not have a lot of bank connections, please delete the plugin. Download Download from Kilhonet

Incognito DNS updates

Recently, we have created secret DPI and secret SNI because there are issues related to SNI interception, and there are many opinions about executing each program, so we included one secret DNS program to bypass DNS encryption and SNI interception. And I set the DNS to be automatically set at the end of the program.

SSL application changed.

We changed the application of SSL as a whole to apply only to parts required for membership and security. As you can see in the chart above, there are still many users of Explorer 8 and below, so SSL is not working properly. In future, browser / OS will be separated and SSL will be applied. (* SSL is supported via Let's Encrypt.)  

The server has been relocated.

You have moved the primary account.   I moved to Nanyana's Ransomware attack with iwinv hosting, and it seems to be recovered to some extent recently, and I think I will care about security for a while.   I just installed WordPress and Themes and moved the data. Please let me know if you find any broken pages and I will take prompt action.   References Ransomware attack has a service failure. (Kilhonet) Notice (Nayana) Future part ...