Time Bell - Boxing

It's literally Time Bell. When I exercise at home, I use ... Every 3 minutes, every 30 seconds, a ding and a buzz (mechanical sound!) Comes out. I have left my work for a while and my whole body is stiff again. If you are a computer workout is essential! Download

HTTP Analysis Tool

You can easily obtain the information you want by packet sniffing the HTTP protocol. Enter the desired URL under Domain, type the name of the variable under Param, and click Add. By default, ilikeclick.com and linkprice.com are entered. Available in Windows 2000 and later, questions are always asked.     Download

Product image Moving banner maker

You can easily create product banners that are used in the product list in the open market such as auction and onkets by users who do not know Photoshop, Image Ready, etc .. How to use the images to be moved by dragging the image add button or image, Click here to finish. 130x130, 90x90, and direct input, you can also create images of any size. (If it differs from the corresponding image size, it resizes automatically.) And you can specify the speed to be displayed between images ...

Save / Restore IE List

Rudals rushed to say what I said ^ ^ (http://miniwini.com/miniwinis/bbs/index.php?bid=share&mode=read&id=4247) It is a simple ignorant (??) program that can save and restore current IE list. * IE By saving only the list, login pages can be unregistered as the session or cookie value is lost. How to use - I want to save the current IE list Press the Save button. I want to load a saved list Press the Recover button! Ideal ^^       Download

Show your favorite homepage tags

I have been asked to make a few requests. (I do not know what a bug might be, but I do not think there will be any problems with it. ^^) The contents of the request are operated by the shopping mall, I wanted to refer to it. So I was blinded by what I could easily show.     Download   Currently, there are two sites that are set up, and other sites just show the mainframe source. In addition, please click the mail or 1: 1 consultation to send the necessary address. Ps. Do not exploit it in the temple ...

Easily convert bitmap files to JPG or PNG ^^

When you surf the web with your friend, right click on it and it will be saved as JPG or BMP. I think I did it before. Anyway, so I rushed to jump. If you drag and drop the bitmap file (s) into the JPG or PNG file you have selected In the original bitmap file location, the image is changed from BMP to the desired format.     Download

In IE, I dragged the link and added a new window.

Download In the Internet window, you have a new window with the block address. I wrote down the following a long time ago ^^; -------------------------------------------------------- PHPSCHOOL wrote this for me. Dejan is just ignoring it. I do not care if you press the setting button and press the button. ㅡ ㅡ v PS. If you want to delete from the menu, press the Clear button.