Kalmuri Update

Kalmuri Update

The public distribution of Kalmuri 3.0.

In the 2.x now update in five years ^^ ;;

Previous sources are too old a new environment, I was coding the source most.

Revised much it will expect frequent updates for a while.

(The maximum alarm without modification, distribution, because it can give the user the inconvenience him to update the alarm.)

The last revision (Version 3.1.6)

  1. Tray icon bug fixes
  2. Modify Browser icon

Revision history

  1. Extraction control size modify (remove margins due to the shadow effect)
  2. Open the Add Folder tray icon
  3. ImageBox upload bug fixes
  4. HiDPI related bug fixes
  5. Multilingual related bug fixes
  6. Changes to keep the final capture area (full screen or a region of the screen)
  7. Tray icon module modifications
  8. Change # 1 way to obtain sequential filenames
  9. Tab Modify moving order
  10. Minimal editing area
  11. Add the sequence # 2 on the file name set with the appropriate number, if you deleted a file just like the previous version
  12. Change default tray icon
  13. Fixed a bug should not apply when JPG quality control
  14. Save zone information by using the last run to the next size, it can be used as a location.
  15. Even when the mouse cursor is not checked, including Fixed a bug that contains the cursor.
  16. Added language setting feature.
  17. The area has been modified to set design.
  18. 0618 God has been fixed you for resizing the document icon.
  19. The size of the zone, it allows users to use input.
  20. Save it to the size of the zone to be used the next time you run.
  21. The shortcut has to use different combinations.
  22. Support for multiple monitors and captured by the screen capture the entire screen when the mouse is located.
  23. You can specify the full screen area during video recording.
  24. The normal display Hangul Hangul even if it's not a window.
  25. If you do not select the Use tray icon has to be terminated immediately.

※ problems or suggestions, please leave your questions BBS.