Memory cleaner update

Memory cleaner update

Updated to memory cleaner (

  • Standby list, Modified page list, System working set, etc. to organize a number of areas.
  • Leaving determines the desired conditions to automatically clean at that time.
  • It can run automatically when Windows boots with the configuration.
  • It can be used without installation.


  • Memory Cleaner - 2023/08/16
    - 트레이아이콘에서 실행시 알림메세지 출력
    - 전원이 배터리인 경우 실행 가능하게 수정
  • Memory Cleaner - 2023/06/19
    -Memory when clicking the tray icon
  • Memory Cleaner - 2023/06/16
    -Bug modification and stability improvement
  • Memory Cleaner -2022/05/24
    -An addition of installation version
  • Memory Cleaner -2021/06/16
    -Code sign authentication


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  • The memory cleaner is freeWare. It doesn't matter if you use it without any space restrictions on your company, home, government offices, and schools.
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