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BankCleaner Update

The update was too late since I included this feature in KCleaner. We have added the ability to retrieve data from the server so we do not update the program to update the deletion list. If you only delete bank plugins, your computer will be faster! If you do not have a lot of bank connections, please delete the plugin. Download Download from Kilhonet

Bank Cleaner (BankCleaner) - Delete Internet Banking Plugin

How to use Run the program. Click or drag the list of installed programs to select them. Click the "Remove" button.   Download Download (Kilhonet)   Think I made it easy to erase unsavory programs for Internet banking. Even if you exit the explorer, you will see that the processor remains complete. (I do not believe in the developer's skills) Installing EXE instead of ActiveX ... ergo ㅠ ㅠ There is a choice of installing plugins ...