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Damoa 2.3.0 - Community collection

"Damoa" is an app that collects popular articles in famous communities. You can only select the site you want. You can scrap the articles you want to remember and see it later. It supports dark mode according to the system settings. It supports reading mode. List currently supporting; Pompu, today's humor, Ruriweb, Kleeang, Efem Korea, Baby Dream, Nate Pan, Wigosu can Of

Real -time popular writing collection

We hope you will be full of luck and peace in the new year in 2021. When I thought about last year, I seemed to have stayed without any interest in specific fields. In the new year, I was thinking to start with a new heart If you can collect the popular articles of the famous community I thought I would be more comfortable with the recent trend. Real -time popular posts