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Real-time popularity collection

In 2021, I hope that the new year is full of good luck and peace. I thought of last year, and I thought it was not interested in a specific field. I was thinking that I was thinking in a new heart in a new year If you can collect the popularity of the famous community Recently made the trend a little more comfortable. View real-time popular posts

Store the mask alert public

Monitoring the mask to the mall, we offer a salable commodity. Characteristic Tells the online store rather than offline in real time to determine the sale status of each item per 2,000 The original product only exposure below which the data without newly required fixes will be updated. The notification sound is when the stock in the updated data. Shortcuts Go to the Mask Alert shopping mall We will expose the list of items to extract as soon as possible. ^^ ;;; Think When the average product sale is being sold out within 20 minutes.