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Information on software updates

The program distributed in Kilhonet is updating as follows. After the software update, the internal quality test and open distribution will be conducted and the update window will be displayed to the user if it is determined that there is no problem for about a week. To minimize the user's inconvenience, the update window disables the notification function for a certain period after a single display. There is no own update function ....

Secret SNI update

Secret SNI has been updated to the Secret DNS -free version. Integrated with Secret DNS. Secret SNI can be used as a Secret DNS -free version. I added a tray icon. When booting, the auto -execution function has been added. The optimal threads minimize the slowdown. You can edit the whitelist.txt to enter the domain you want to do with the exception. So that you can easily set up DNS through preferences ...

Image warehouse update

Recently, the sudden increase in traffic has been used to relocate and stabilize the server. Name server change Source modification Design change Change how to use it Add shortcut domain Mobile support Image expansion support In addition, we will be able to make a quick connection abroad through CDN as soon as possible. If you find a problem after using it, please leave it in the question bbs. Go to ImageBox

Server transfer completion

hello Kilhonet operator. The server transfer due to the increase in traffic. Currently, most pages are connected normally, and if you find out the e -mail below when you find a problem, we will process it immediately. Email: Prince@kilho.net Date: 2014-03-28 ~ 2014-04-01 (5 days) Content: Server transfer work as the server overload due to the surge in site users thank you