Information on software updates

Information on software updates

The program distributed in Kilhonet is updating as follows.

  1. After the software update, the internal quality test and open distribution will be conducted and the update window will be displayed to the user if it is determined that there is no problem for about a week.
  2. To minimize the user's inconvenience, the update window disables the notification function for a certain period of time after displaying it once.
    (In the case of important updates, this may be an exception.)
  3. There is no own update function. This decision was made for the following reasons:
    - Providing this function frequently occurred in the vaccine.
    - In terms of security, it can prevent the risk from potential hacking attacks.
    - EV (extended validation) certificate can be more free from vaccine misrepresentation, but individual developers cannot be issued and the cost of issuance is quite expensive.
    - If you have your own update function for a long time, there were some comments from some users that they were not installed, including adware or other programs.
  4. Download the program to the link address below and run the notification function for a month.
    -Update deferred tool (Delayupdates v 0.9.0)

Some users want their own updates, so this time, I wrote a notice.

thank you

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