Tag - Interception

Deploying Secret SNI

Server Name Indication (SNI) is a program that intercepts tampering and tampering. It has been created because of the speed drop when using secret DPI, GoodbyeDPI, MTU setting and so on. Only the string detected in SNI is fragmented, and other packets are normally used. (1) Before execution (2) After execution Before running the program (1), kilho.net will be exposed, but after execution (2), it will be confirmed that it is divided into lho.net.

Deploying Incognito DNS

Recently, there is a problem about DNS interception and alteration, so we developed it so that it can easily perform DNS encryption.   As of May 7, 2018, we will be releasing two versions of your private DNS.   At first, I made it available as a standalone file without installation. I decided to install it after judging that the program should continue to operate while using the computer due to DNS characteristics. (*...