Dream World 1.2.0 - Dream Solid, Dream Solving

Dream World 1.2.0 - Dream Solid, Dream Solving

“World of Dream” is an app that makes dreams solving.

Dream: Artificial intelligence -based dream interpretation

  • Based on the contents of the dream entered by the user, state -of -the -art AI analyzes and interprets the dream meaning and message.
  • This service provides customized interpretation in consideration of the unique context and details of the user's dream.

Dream Dictionary: Analysis of the meaning of words in dreams

  • Based on the words you entered by the user, we explain what the word means in your dreams.
  • The Dream Pre -menu includes the symbols and meanings of thousands of dreams, providing interpretation of various elements in the dream.


  • All features are available for free.
  • You can use it freely in space and time, such as a company, a house, a government office.
  • Questions and suggestionsQuestion bbsPlease use it.
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