Bank Cleaner (BankCleaner) - Delete Internet Banking Plugin

How to use

  1. Run the program.
  2. Click or drag the list of installed programs to select them.
  3. Click the "Remove" button.





  • I made it easy to erase unsavory programs for Internet banking.
  • Even if you exit the explorer, you will see that the processor remains complete.
    (I do not believe in the developer's skills)
  • Installing EXE instead of ActiveX ... ergo ㅠ ㅠ
  • I do not have a choice about installing plugins.
  • Kookmin Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, Woori Bank, and Nonghyup.
  • Download it without installation and run it!
  • beaver

    Lol! I have to test it now

  • No Name

    Hello. Is this a permanent deletion or is it killing in the process?

    • It executes the uninstall program provided by each plug-in.
      It is a program I created to find every single thing in the control panel. ^^

      • No Name

        Thanks for your reply.

  • Terrorboy

    Thank you all the time. ~~
    I repeat that I erased it.

    • Terrorboy

      Invalid data type for ‘InstallDate’

      I get an error ㅠ, ㅠ

      • You edited it and uploaded it again.
        Some programs incorrectly store types in the registry.
        In the past, the SystemComponent type was DWord by default, and the exception was applied to the part that was saved as a string. The InstallDate type is the default string, but there is a program saved by DWord. ㅠ
        Anyway, I have modified the part, so please check again.

        • Terrorboy

          It runs normally.
          I listened to the purse and I deleted it manually yesterday.

  • Yoon Ho

    Gyepho ... . You are an alternative ... .

  • Good program thanks.
    One of the programs installed at the time of internet banking occasionally caused an error and I would manually delete it.

    I do not think it's better than the bank listed above.
    I am using Hana Bank, and I get an error "Invalid data type for 'InstallDate'".

    • How many days ago did you get it? ^^
      There are programs that keep the default type in the uninstall registry.
      You can download it again and run it.
      I just confirmed that Hana Bank installed the certificate and successfully deleted it. ^^

      • I just tested it and it's the same.
        Will it also relate to the Windows version?
        You are using Windows 7.

        • Recompiled and uploaded. Would you like to download and run it again? ^^
          I confirmed the deletion after installing Hana Bank certificate in Windows 10 (64), Windows 7 (32), Windows XP (32).

          • Oh, thank you so much.

            I have Windows 7 (64) and it works well.

          • I am glad that it is running well ^ ___ ^