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Boosting 1.4.2 Update

Booting (1.4.2) has been updated. Accurately analyze the active network and set it. Change the network throttle index. Release the Naogle algorithm. It can be used without installation. (No installation version) Downloaddownload from Kilhonet HistoryBoost Ping -2024/06/18- IMPROVED HIDPI Scaling.Boost Ping -2024/02/28 IXED Incorect Network Settings.Boostping -2023/12/03- Fixed a module that checks for ...

Distribution program distribution

It is a program that easily removes duplicate words. Remove duplicate words. Remove words containing spaces. Remove words containing numbers. Remove words containing English. Download Download from Kilhonet license This program is freeWare. It doesn't matter if you use it without restrictions on space and time, such as a company, home, government offices, schools, schools, schools, and schools.

PageFile.sys, Hiberfil.sys removal

Pagefile.sys removal (files that use hard disk as RAM if you lack memory) Control Panel -System -Advanced System Settings Advanced tab -settings Advanced tab -Change Uncheck the automatic check of automatic management of paging files for all drives No paging file -setting Hiberfil.sys (temporary file for maximum power saving mode) Start -CMD -Run with administrator authority PowerCFG ...