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Once you resize the image

It is a method to generate several kinds of icons and splash image sizes needed for iPhone and Android application development. The size is the size used by FireMonkey, please change the number in other environments. I have lost the program I created in the past (?) And hastily ... ㅠ 1. Installing GraphicsMagick 2. Create a splash image batch file gm convert -resize "320x480^" -gravity center -crop "320x480+0+0" "%1" splash_320x480.png gm convert -resize "426x320^"...

Update Image Warehouse

In recent years, we have been working on server migration and stabilization due to the sudden increase in traffic. Change name server Edit source Change design Change usage method Add a short domain Mobile support Support image enlargement In addition, we will be able to make quick access from overseas via CDN as soon as possible. If you find any problems, please let us know.   Go to ImageBox