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Cyworld Photo Backup

Photos stored on Cyworld is a program that can easily be backed up. How to use Run the program ID (e-mail), enter the password ID, simply enter their own address if you lose your password. Click to Run (extract only the public image) button. Download You receive a stop request from Cyworld side stop service Download in .Kilhonet can now be downloaded on Cyworld out of business news. (June 04, 2020) etc Save the text (diary, BBS, etc.) in the summary CyBackup.txt. (* If you check the details on page ...

SSHScript - linux (web hosting) make backups easy

How to use Run the program. After clicking the File button, fill out the following contents and save. (Repeat for multiple accounts.) Press the RUN button to execute. Download Download (Kilhonet) Think After being hurt by one person who used Nayana web hosting, I made it by feeling the importance of backup.

Rehearsal for rewriting

In order to convert the existing DB from euc-kr to utf8, after receiving the backup carefully If you open it with editplus, it says that it contains characters that may be lost in the current encoding, Ignore the first one and replace it with UTF8. Import .... Damn it. I do not see the way in the end ... (Do not give up --default-character-set options when dumping ...