Disable short domain services

I realize that I will soon stop using the shortened domain that Google provided and make it hastily. It is similar to the existing service, but it is difficult to obtain the API separately and it is made annoying because it is troublesome. It is also provided as OpenAPI without authentication process. Shortcuts Move to a shorter domain

Setting up DNS in Windows 10

In Secret DNS, the setting is automatically set to finish without entering DNS in environment setting. In some circumstances, it is not set automatically, so write a method to configure DNS. If the Internet is available, you can easily change it via the following address: https: // Bo_table = tiptech & amp; wr_id = 1202   Manual configuration 1. Click the Start button and then click the Settings icon. 2. Click Network and Internet. 3. Under Change network settings, click Change adapter options. 4....

Formatting when the drive is not recognized

I bought an external hard disk for Mac and I can not recognize it on Windows. ("Creating and Formatting a Hard Disk Partition" would be easier if you can not run it in other ways, but I ㅠ) Run the command prompt (CMD) with administrator privileges. Then use the following command to erase the partition of the external hard disk and format it as exFAT 32 compatible with Windows and MacOS. diskpart disk...

Once you resize the image

It is a method to generate several kinds of icons and splash image sizes needed for iPhone and Android application development. The size is the size used by FireMonkey, please change the number in other environments. I have lost the program I created in the past (?) And hastily ... ㅠ 1. Installing GraphicsMagick 2. Create a splash image batch file gm convert -resize "320x480^" -gravity center -crop "320x480+0+0" "%1" splash_320x480.png gm convert -resize "426x320^"...

Deploying Secret SNI

Server Name Indication (SNI) is a program that intercepts tampering and tampering. It has been created because of the speed drop when using secret DPI, GoodbyeDPI, MTU setting and so on. Only the string detected in SNI is fragmented, and other packets are normally used. (1) Before execution (2) After execution Before running the program (1), will be exposed, but after execution (2), it will be confirmed that it is divided into