KCleaner 3.0 Beta released

We have upgraded this for a long time.


  1. It has significantly improved speed over previous versions.
  2. Launchers, and browser plug-ins.
  3. Startup program management is compatible with MSConfig, and recovery is perfect.
  4. The report screen is displayed in the user's default browser.
  5. We have made it easier to delete programs that can use services that are forced to be installed.
    (Internet banking, cartoon, etc., security is a name, so you can use the service only if you do not have the option to install)
  • Park, Min-Hyung

    How do I handle exceptions?

    • Will it be the same, but do you know what you entered in the file?

      • Park, Min-Hyung

        C:Program Files (x86)LG SoftwareLG OSD
        C:Program FilesESETESET Internet Security
        C:Program FilesCheckMALAppCheck
        I have an exception handling because the previous version is doing this.

        • There was a problem in the verification process of the folder part, so I fixed it.
          Please download the new one and run it.
          Thank you.

          • Park, Min-Hyung

            Thank you.

  • Kim Tae Woong

    Start with Avast Free Antivirus program, you will get caught with virus.

  • Kim Tae-ho

    Good morning? Thank you.
    I have been using your windows cleaner for over 5 years.
    I thank you for taking this opportunity together.

    I just got into beta 3.0 beta today, but I have a problem and leave a message.
    The initial screen will be initialized and the Explorer will be automatically turned on and the homepage will pop up. I need to show a list of programs that have been closed by 3.0 Beta. I just get this general page. So we do not know which program is closed and which exception is being handled. I do not know if it's just a problem with me.

    My laptop environment.
    windows 10 Pro
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5700HQ 2.70GHz
    RAM: 16GB
    System type: 64-bit operating system
    Default browser: Explorer 11 (Version: 11.483.15063.0 Updated version: 11.0.44)


    Thank you. ????

    • The original list should print out, but I just modified the program on the server side. Please check again once again ^ ^
      (You do not need to download the program again.)

      • Kim Tae-ho

        Thank you for your prompt processing.
        I have just tried to redo a few times and still can not output the list.
        http://kcleaner.en.kilho.net/?report=d073dc57368ada0aa42e5e71765b96e4fb6d86b9 Page.
        I do not know if it will take some time for the server to work on the server. I will try again with a time difference and leave a message.
        Thank you. ????

      • Kim Tae-ho

        I tried about 4 hours later but it is still the same.
        I also tried downloading it again, but it is the same.

        • We detected and corrected certain characters in the process of transmitting data to the server.
          If you download and run it, it will work normally.
          Thank you ^ ^

          • Kim Tae-ho

            I just installed the new installation, and the finished list comes up well.
            Thank you for your gratitude for this program donation.
            I always use Gilhoe's programs.
            Thank you. ????

  • bkvcqrtp coc

    When I downloaded it to Google Chrome, I found that the virus was found, but the installation did not work and the virus was found in Windows Defender ...

  • bkvcqrtp coc

    Trojan: It says Win32 / Sprisky.U! Cl

    • bkvcqrtp coc

      Google Chrome - Failure - Virus Found

      • I have zipped it up without compressing it with UPX.
        Please download again. ^^

        • bkvcqrtp coc

          Thank you for the installation is complete Oh:)

          • There are quite a few places that handle UPX compression as a misjudgment.
            Congratulations on your successful download!