Incognito DNS updates

We updated the secret DNS. DNS 정보는 Google, Cloudflare 를 이용합니다.화이트리스트 DB를 통해 접속 장애가 발생하는 곳을 최소화하였습니다.트레이 아이콘 기능이 추가되었습니다.DNS over HTTPS로 DNS를 암호화하여 보호합니다.SNI 문자열만 파편화(Fragmentation)합니다.update 확인 후 알려주고 필요시 브라우저로 연결해줍니다.실시간으로 작동 여부를 체크합니다.환경설정에서 트레이 아이콘 실행 체크를 해제하실 수 있습니다. Shortcuts Go to Secret DNS

Cyworld Photo Backup Program

Photos stored on Cyworld is a program that can easily be backed up. How to use Run the program ID (e-mail), enter the password ID, simply enter their own address if you lose your password. Click to Run (extract only the public image) button. Download It is stopped because of side Cyworld service load request to stop the service. etc We can not connect to the server, the original image will be downloaded based on the thumbnail image does not use personal information anywhere. The source for the minutes that perhaps is below ...

Disable short domain services

I realize that I will soon stop using the shortened domain that Google provided and make it hastily. It is similar to the existing service, but it is difficult to obtain the API separately and it is made annoying because it is troublesome. It is also provided as OpenAPI without authentication process. Shortcuts Move to a shorter domain

KCleaner 3.0 Update

After distributing the 3.0 beta version for two weeks, it is confirmed to work reliably, releasing the full version.   It has significantly improved speed over previous versions. Launchers, and browser plug-ins. Startup program management is compatible with MSConfig, and recovery is perfect. The report screen is displayed in the user's default browser. You can use the services that you have to install ...

Setting up DNS in Windows 10

In Secret DNS, the setting is automatically set to finish without entering DNS in environment setting. In some circumstances, it is not set automatically, so write a method to configure DNS. If the Internet is available, you can easily change it via the following address: https: // Bo_table = tiptech & amp; wr_id = 1202   Manual configuration 1. Click the Start button and then click the Settings icon. 2. Click Network and Internet. 3. Under Change network settings, click Change adapter options. 4....