School bell

  I was able to see the reality of sitting on my computer without resting. You can hear the bell ringing in 50 minutes and you can hear the start sound in 10 minutes time. (School bell ^^) If the tray icon is displayed only when the program is executed, it can be set and terminated through the tray icon.   Download   I used the sound effects that were released at [caution] - This program is completely free and you can spread it any way you like. - There is no installation process, just unzip and use. - Deletion after deletion ...

FLV Extraction

Select your IP, press Start, Output FLV file list when playing using UCC site Stop button when you want to stop extraction .. Please test in various environments. (IE, firefox, ... only available on 2000 / XP or higher.) * The program analyzes the swf file of each UCC site to find the FLV by analyzing the network information used on the user's computer, not the FLV. * Article 30 of the Copyright Act (for private use ...

FLV Downloader

  You can use it if you want to download the desired video from your UCC site to your own computer. I have an existing program, but it is slow because of several tabs. The difference is that in the existing program, each site is analyzed (there is a problem with the business interruption of the company), and the program analyzes and extracts the FLV file pattern through the packets used in the computer. How to use the program after running the UCC site after playing the video moment ...

Time Bell - Boxing

It's literally Time Bell. When I exercise at home, I use ... Every 3 minutes, every 30 seconds, a ding and a buzz (mechanical sound!) Comes out. I have left my work for a while and my whole body is stiff again. If you are a computer workout is essential! Download

HTTP Analysis Tool

You can easily obtain the information you want by packet sniffing the HTTP protocol. Enter the desired URL under Domain, type the name of the variable under Param, and click Add. By default, and are entered. Available in Windows 2000 and later, questions are always asked.     Download