Web Hacking, Backdoor Danger Code Detection Plugin

It is a plugin that makes it easy to find a backdoor (PHP) that has been installed for server hacking.

A function that can be exploited by PHP finds the file used and notifies you by mail.


You can easily install and use it in WordPress, Pinball 5.


The first time you activate it, it will be checked as a whole, and if suspicious files are found every hour, you will be notified by admin mail.


How to use

  1. Download the plug-in for your solution.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file into the following folder and copy it.
    - WordPress: /wp-content/plugins/kh-scan/kh.scan.php
    - Pinoy: /extended/kh.scan.php
  3. If you are a WordPress plug-in list "Kilo's Anti Backdoor for WordPress” Is activated.





  • Previously written PHP risk code check article MatthewGave you feedback and made it into a WordPress plugin.


  • Oh ... documentation up to ... Thank you!!! However, when I install the plugin, there is only one report and no report is sent every hour. I am asking you to test it with others who I know.

    • If the suspicious file has been added, it will only be mailed to you.
      I get a duplicate email every hour.

  • AviraSupport

    Pinoy에서 data 폴더에 파일이 많거나 네트워크가 느린곳에서는 연결이 끈겨버리네요..

    • 많은 파일을 검사하다보니 타임아웃 걸린거 같습니다. 현재 파일을 수정하여 업로드 해두었습니다.