Rehearsal for rewriting

Rehearsal for rewriting

In order to convert the existing DB from euc-kr to utf8, after receiving the backup carefully

When I opened it with editplus, Contains characters that may be lost in the current encodingHowever,

Ignore it and change it to UTF8 and import ... . Damn ㅠ ㅠ It is not because of broken letters

I do not see the way in the end ...

(This is the case when you can not give the -default-character-set option when you dump it.)

I have to find the source as below, modify it to your taste (UTF8 conversion, select the desired table)

Confirm previous confirmation !!!!- It's too annoying to transfer, I'm tired.


$backText = ”
# MysqlDump
# Host: ". $ Mysql_host."
# Time processed: ".date ('YYYY-MM-DD-YYYY-MM-DD')"
# Server version: ".mysql_get_server_info ()."
# Database: ``. $ Mysql_db. ``
# ——————————————————–nnnnn”;

while($rows = mysql_fetch_row($tables[0]))
$chk = false;