Server Management

SSHScript - linux (web hosting) make backups easy

How to use Run the program. After clicking the File button, fill out the following contents and save. (Repeat for multiple accounts.) Press the RUN button to execute. Download Download (Kilhonet) Think After being hurt by one person who used Nayana web hosting, I made it by feeling the importance of backup.

Setting up the php.ini file

Verifying After Installing the Server short_open_tag = On "& lt;? php" and "& lt;?" To be used. display_errors = On Prints a message when an error occurs while executing a PHP script. (HTTP 500 internal server error output if off) date.timezone = Asia/Seoul Set the time zone. error_reporting=E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED Notice Ignore errors. (* php.ini path: php --ini | grep php.ini)