Disable short domain services

I realize that I will soon stop using the shortened domain that Google provided and make it hastily. It is similar to the existing service, but it is difficult to obtain the API separately and it is made annoying because it is troublesome. It is also provided as OpenAPI without authentication process. Shortcuts Move to a shorter domain

Using threads in Delphi

It's easy to use threads in Delphi. Synchronize is good :-)   Function Contents uses System.Classes, System.SysUtils, Vcl.Forms; procedure Wait(Proc: TProc); var Thread: TThread; begin Thread := TThread.CreateAnonymousThread(procedure() begin Proc; end); Thread.FreeOnTerminate := True; Thread.Start; while not Thread.Finished do Application.ProcessMessages; end; How to use Wait(procedure() begin // .... Contents end);

Getting your current location (PHP)

The location is obtained through the geolocation function. If the browser does not support the related authority and the browser does not support it, the location is obtained via the API provided by Naver. Receive Naver's API key before using it ( <? function makeSignature($secretKey, $method, $baseString, $timestamp, $accessKey) { $space = ' '; $newLine = "\n"; $hmac = $method.$space.$baseString.$newLine.$timestamp.$newLine.$accessKey; $signautue = base64_encode(hash_hmac('sha256', $hmac, $secretKey,true)); return $signautue; } if($_POST['order'] == 'geolocation') { $hostNameUrl = ''; $requestUrl=...

Go Language Installations - Windows

1. Download and install from 2. Create a working folder (eg d: \ source \ Go) 3. Create bin, pkg, src folder in child 4. In the Windows Control Panel - & gt; System - & gt; Advanced System Settings - & gt; Environment variable 5. In the user variable group, enter the working folder in GOPATH 6. Enter GOPATH in the variable name 7. Enter the working folder in the variable value (eg d: \ source \ Go) ...

Getting the connection IP from AWS (PHP)

If you use Amazon server and get server IP, private IP will be output. So I made it to save the authorized IP. <? if(in_array(substr($_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'], 0, 3), array('172'))) if(strrpos(gethostname(), '.compute.internal')!==false) $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] = file_get_contents(''); echo $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']; ?>

Web Hacking, Backdoor Danger Code Detection Plugin

It is a plugin that makes it easy to find a backdoor (PHP) that has been installed for server hacking. A function that can be exploited by PHP finds the file used and notifies you by mail.   You can easily install and use it in WordPress, Pinball 5.   The first time you activate it, it will be checked as a whole, and if suspicious files are found every hour, you will be notified by admin mail.   How to use Download the plug-in for your solution. I downloaded the following folder ...