Only one executable can be captured.


How to use

  • Select the desired range, format to save and press PrintScreen key to capture.
  • The menu can be right-clicked on this screen.
  • When you click REC in the area screen capture, the video is captured.


  • Record video
  • Full screen, active program, window control, area setting support
  • Supports PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF file formats
  • Web page capture (full page capture)
  • Printer output
  • Upload to Capture function
  • Color extraction function
  • Hotkey settings
  • Check version at author's click
  • Supports delicate control over keyboard when capturing area
    (Arrow keys, Ctrl + arrow keys, Shift + arrow keys)
    (Can be input directly when clicking area size)
  • File name format (sequential, date time) - Clipboard support
  • Keep default option values
  • Autorun feature at boot
  • Specify sound before and after capture



  • This is Freeware. It does not matter if you use it at will, regardless of space, time, company, house, government office, school.


  • The program consists of one file.
  • It can be executed at the moment of receiving the file without installation process.
  • If you do not need it, it will be cleanly deleted when you send it to the trash.
  • It has been extended this long ^ ____ ^
  • Free programs for companies, schools, and individuals.
  • You can distribute it anywhere ^^
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