Upload and share image files to your server.


  • You can upload images to share without having to register.
  • You can use it for free.
  • You can easily tell your friends around you by using the generated short address.

How to use

  1. I think about the photo I want.
  2. Click "Find photos to share .." to select photos.
  3. A link address that can be used after a while is output.
  4. Just copy the address to your friend and let us know.


  • It can be deleted only by uploaded IP by using without member authentication.
  • The usage period (30 days) will be extended based on the last user access.
  • If you link only the file, the lifetime is not extended.
  • Direct file linking and page linking ratio of more than 20% will not be output if they are directly linked to the file.
  • Illegal images (copyright infringement, obscene material, images that are not accepted by society, etc.) will be deleted at the discretion of the operator.