Auto Click

Mouse automatically clicks.


Method 1

  1. Select the desired function from the "Mouse Settings".
  2. Select the shortcuts to run the functions in the "Shortcut settings".

  3. Press the shortcut you specified in the "run / stop" to execute the function specified in the current mouse position (1).

Method 2 (If you click on the number of coordinates)

  1. "How to use 1" after you select "1", "2", press the hotkey specified on the "Add a record".
  2. The information will be added to the right record.
  3. Check the "Enable Record".
  4. Press the shortcut you specified in the "run / stop" run the feature list of the record order.


  • Mouse automatically clicks the program.
  • Available in several patterns to add a time coordinate.
  • You can specify the details of the click.



  • This program is Freeware.
  • It does not matter if you use the space and time freely without restriction, such as company, house, government office, school.
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